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Most nonprofit Founders, like you, lay awake at night trying to figure out how to do all the things in the first year of operation. They don't know where to start.

They began their nonprofit out of a passion and experience. Most nonprofit Founders have experienced the problem they want to solve with their nonprofit. They saw gaps in services and wished for these things. Their nonprofit addresses that gap. It's what drives them and makes them passionate about their nonprofit.

Founders often find themselves overwhelmed with everything they have to do. They feel like a squirrel jumping from one shiny object to another. They can't concentrate on any one thing because... well... they don't know what will get them the quickest wins and get them up and running the fastest. Does this sound like you?


... is the first step in creating your new nonprofit.

Learn through Nonprofit Founder's University. Free classes help you with topics Founders face. Paid classes, programs, and courses help you go deeper and get bigger results. Topics range from setting up your nonprofit to fundraising.

Lessons in The Fundamentals of Success:

  1. 1 Video and Lesson

    Objective: This lesson has all of the materials from the video.

Lessons in 5 Ways to Build Your Network from Scratch:

  1. 1 Materials

    Objective: This lesson has all of the materials from the video.

Lessons in You’re a Board Member! Now What?!?:

  1. 1 Introduction

    Objective: Explore the roles and responsibilities of Board members.

  2. 2 Lesson 1: What is a Working Board versus a Governing Board?

    Objective: Differentiate between a Working Board and Governing Board

  3. 3 Lesson 2: As a Board, What Are Your Legal Duties?

    Objective: Learn the legal responsibilities of the Board and specific responsibilities of a Working Board.

  4. 4 Lesson 3: Individual Responsibilities of Board Members

    Objective: This lesson talks about the individual's responsibility to the Board of Directors.

Lessons in Your Cost Per Unit of Service:

  1. 1 Video

    Objective: Learn what your cost per unit of services are, how to calculate the number, and how to use it in fundraising.

  2. 2 Materials

    Objective: This lesson has all of the materials to help you calculate your Cost Per Unit of Service.

Lessons in The Signature Program Blueprint: Transform Your Nonprofit's Impact in Just 5 Days! VIP :

  1. 1 Day 1: Clarifying Your Nonprofit's Mission and Vision

    Objective: Introduction to the challenge and its objectives. Review the mission and vision of your nonprofit organization. Identify the goals and values that your signature program should embody.

  2. 2 Day 2: Understanding Your Target Audience and Needs

    Objective: Define your target audience of your program.

Lessons in 5-Day Challenge For Nonprofit Founders Looking To Raise Their First (Or Next) $1,000:

  1. 1 Day 1 Workbook and Video

    Objective: Set Clear Goals and Objectives

  2. 2 Day 2 Workbook and Video

    Objective: Craft an Impactful Story

  3. 3 Day 3 Workbook and Video

    Objective: Build an Engaged Community

  4. 4 Day 4 Workbook and Video

    Objective: Leverage Online Fundraising Tools

  5. 5 Day 5 Workbook and Video

    Objective: Effective Fundraising Communication

About Alesha Mathis

Hi! I'm Alesha! I teach new nonprofit foundations that get funding so nonprofit Founders can take action today and get to the work they were meant to do.

I have served in nonprofits for ten years and have been helping new nonprofits for over three. My foundations were born from serving on a new nonprofit's Board. Knowing the work we needed to do and feeling overwhelmed led me to figure out what was needed to resolve our most pressing problem- funding- and get the organization functioning well.

Today, I help nonprofit Founders just like you set the foundations that get funding and allow you to serve the people you are called to serve.
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